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Water Well

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We site Locations for drilling water wells, both domestic and agriculture. We have just received an award for locating over 1000 successful well sites using dowsing techniques.

Graduate studies in hydrogeology

We have been locating successful well sites since 1979 with a 85%+ accuracy

We work with a California Well driller and pump installer for a complete package

For added accuracy, follow up the dowsed locations with a geologist who can scan the sites and show you a read out of the geological formation under your land and give you the probability of a potential aquafir at the designated drilling site. 

Dowsing, was know  as "waterwitching" in the past. People who dowsed for water using the branch from the Witch Hazel tree were know as "witchers" or "water witchers". The proper term today is "Dowser". 

We also teach dowsing classes and have dowsing equipment available. 

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